BAGSMART Travel Packing Cubes With Double Compartments (Variety Pack: 3 Sizes)

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  • Made from a lightweight and durable TechLife Diamond Nylon material and features sturdy zipper pulls. 
  • A customs and security friendly see-through mesh paneling offers visibility and a quick trip through security lines.


  • These packing cubes allow you easily pack different items from clothing to toiletries. 
  • Store in any daypack, backpack, or suitcase, to fit your unique traveling style. 
  • Travel Cubes can help you quickly identify your belongings, making for a more organized and efficient way to travel. 
  • Mix and match with other variously sized Ecosusi packing cubes for the complete packing experience.


  • Pack like items together in each cube.
  • Easily store shorts, shirts, pants, and accessories in any size. 
  • By filling the cubes to capacity with tightly rolled or neatly folded clothing, the items will be relatively wrinkle free and stay in place from point A to point B. 


  • Makes packing and unpacking a breeze. 
  • Able to quickly remove one packing cube to get what you need rather than sifting through piles of clothing in an over-stuffed suitcase.


  • These packing cubes come in 3 sizes: 
  1. Large (17x 13 x 5 in) for trousers, sweaters, towels & light jackets 
  2. Medium (15 x 10 x 4.5 in) for shirts, shorts, blouses & documents 
  3. Small (13 x 9.5 x3.2 in) for socks & underwear; The double compartment allows the clothes to stay neat and tidy in suitcases